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Accessing Colourful Books

The Colourful Bookshelf was setup as comprehensive a list we could manage, of children's books written and/or illustrated by British creators of colour.

The purpose of our list is to ensure parents, teachers, librarians and others who want to buy inclusive books, should find a place where such books are showcased. Also we wanted to be clear on scope. The world might be our oyster, but there are many multi-coloured pearls in Britain that we wanted to focus on.

Towards this, in this blog post we want to give you different bookshops and organisations which are curating and selling inclusive books by writers and illustrators of colour, portraying children from all backgrounds and abilities.

Obviously the first place I'd recommend you look is our own bookshelf here. But beyond that, here are some amazing booksellers and curators who can help you fill your bookshelves with colourful books. The list is in no particular order.

  1. Letterbox Library - https://www.letterboxlibrary.com/

  2. Mirror Me Write - https://www.mirrormewrite.com/

  3. A New Chapter Books - https://www.anewchapterbooks.com/

  4. Kenilworth Books - https://www.kenilworthbooks.co.uk/

  5. Moon Lane Books - https://www.moonlaneink.co.uk/

  6. Round Table Books - https://www.roundtablebooks.co.uk/

  7. Gay's The Word - https://www.gaystheword.co.uk/bookshop

  8. Book Love - https://www.thisisbooklove.com/

  9. Afrori Books - https://afroribooks.co.uk/

  10. Children's Bookshop, Muswell Hill - https://www.childrensbookshoplondon.com/

  11. Chicken and Frog Bookshop - https://chickenandfrog.com/

Are you a writer or illustrator? Here are some amazing indie publishers who are proud to publish writers and illustrators of colour.

  1. Tiny Owl Books

  2. Hope Road Publishing

  3. Lantana Publishing

  4. Otter-Barry Books

  5. Knights Of

  6. BokBok Books

  7. Dinosaur Books

Our hope is one day all publishers and booksellers will be inclusive and we don't have to curate such lists. Until that day happens, let's make our bookshelves colourful and build a new generation that creates places for all at the table.

Have we missed a bookseller or a publisher? Let us know!

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