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South Asian Copy Editors - A Resource by Chitra Soundar

As a writer of the South Asian diaspora, most of my books revolve around settings, themes and characters of South Asian origin, and in specific to India. But I'm often copy-edited by non-South Asian editors and often a turn of phrase or a language nuance has to be explained.

And then recently during a conversation with other South Asian creatives, I realised I'm able to request a South Asian copy editor - not only to bridge the cultural divide but also correct me if I have got something wrong within the culture.

So I sent out a tweet requesting for recommendations and here are some amazing South Asian copy editors I identified. Most of these folks are based in the UK with an occasional exception.

Ayesha Chari - https://twitter.com/ayesha_chari

Riffat Yusuf - https://twitter.com/ryusufedit

Mariam K S Hakim - https://twitter.com/MariamKSHakim

Shweta Krishnan - https://twitter.com/shwetakrishnan

Alia Waheed - https://twitter.com/AliaWaheed

Mohini Gupta - https://twitter.com/mohinigupta28

Naima Rashid - https://twitter.com/NaimaRashid_

Before you recommend one of the editors listed to your publisher, do check with the copy editor whether they work on projects similar to yours.

If you are still looking, in the UK, try, the CIEP - the professional body for copy editors. They might be able to recommend a suitable copyeditor.

Chitra Soundar, is a writer, author and storyteller. She is also the founder of The Colourful Bookshelf.

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